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Hot Needle Micro-perforator model on the basis of BOPP and CPP ,which contain 25 pins per square meter and 9 pins per square centimeter. We are producing in accordance with the requirements of perforating in the designated position

Product Categories

Unperforated Glossy Bread Bags (250 Pieces)

Unperforated Glossy Bread Bags (250 Pieces)

20um thickness BOPP material Bags come on wicket dispensers for easy handling and use . unperforated at the top and bottom for added strength and durability .

Product Description

Our clear glossy bread bags are perfect for packaging bread. The FDP-G Series bag measures Width 150mm-300* Length 200-450mm and is perfect for keeping crusty bread fresh and crisp.

This bag is made from BOPP material and can be printed high quality food grade printing for enhanced shelf appeal . Close with twist ties. Food safe.

The pin-size holes allow the excess moisture in the bag to escape and release the delicious scent of freshly baked bread. Your bread stays crisp on the outside and soft in the center.

The bags also work well for keeping produce fresh. These clear bread bags are made from high clarity BOPP for an exceptional presentation. 

Product Detailed

●Micro Pack Quantity : 250

●Color Description : Clear With Printed

●Outer Dimensions:W300 * L400/450mm +40mm Lip 

●Closure Type: open

●Material :BOPP

●Thinckness :20um

Package Detailed

A carton box : 2000 Pieces /8 Pack

Product Features 

Linear perforation on header for clean lip break away 

High gloss film for impressive product display;

●High clarity BOPP material;

●Bags come on wicket dispensers for easy handling and use;

●Bags are unperforated at th top and bottom for added strength and durability.

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