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BOPP Film Catagories

BOPP Film Catagories

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Micro-perforatedplasticbags which contain 25 pins per square cm and 9 pins per squrare cm.

BOPP Film use for adhesive tape


*Hight transparenct and gloss    *Good separation from steam
*High tensile strength      *Excellent ink and coating adhesion
*Excellent size stability
Regular thickness:23、25、27、35
Application:Used as substrate for adhesive tape

2 BOPP Film for normal bag packing


*Hight transparency and gloss   *Excellent separation from oxygen and oil

*Excellent mechanical property  *Excellent ink and coating adhesion

*Low Static surface                        *Excellent evenness

Regular thickness(um):15、18、20、25、30

Application:Used for lamination and bag-making .

bopp filmbag packing

Printing Matt Film


*Hight tensile strength   *High matt property

*Excellent ink and coating adhesion   *Excellent separation from oil

Regular thickness(um):15、18

Application:Used for printing and bag-making

bag making

BOPP film production

The film production is a continuous process. In most cases, it is a co-extrusion process.The base polymer and additives are fed by a continuously operating  feeder. A further cost efficient alternative is gravimetric feeding of additive powder, directly into a twin screw feeder for optimal dispersion.

Actually, the threshold of producing bopp film is very high. Firstly, the production line is very expensive (USD20-30 Million/line). Second, running and maintenance cost is also high. If small enterprise, it’s hard to do this production.

In addition,here I recommend two famous company which are best solution for this film production. Just for reference



Moreover,Mostly Chinese  BOPP film manufacturers are using their production line. Such as, Gettel Group  .They are one of biggest  film manufacturer in the world.


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