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Quality Control

Quality Control

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As we have got ISO9001 and BRC certificate, we have established the thorough QC system.

1)Raw material and accessory quality control

No instruments to check the raw material ,only by the suppliers certification.  Making the samples of the new material and test the samples to compare the testing result with the old report.  It will be ok to warehouse if the results within the tolerance, Random checking the accessory to keep the defective products from warehouse.

2)Order evaluation

When we get the new orders (new products instead of repeat orders),if have the buyer's samples , Testing the quality in our testing room and make record, and also making the counter sample to test again to meet the customers test record. Then send out the counter samples for confirmation. In the same time,  making all material blending formula, processing technical in file. The mass production according to our technical record after samples confirmed.

3)Bag making process quality control.

A.Self checking. The operator need to be weight the net weight every roll by electronic scale, to guarantee the bag net weight. The bottom seal also been self checking especially the film roll changed. All this  by physical checking.

B.QC checking. QA also random checking the bottom sealing and net weight as well as other items to fill the record. Random checking every 2 hours.If the results exceed the specification standard, the operator will been asked to stop machine and adjust untill it is correct and running regularly. The defective bags also been isolate to scrap area.

C.Different thickness bags from different machine to be testing bottom seal quality checking in testing room. At least one shift one time. The testing results record also feedback to the relevant department.

4)Finished products random checking before into warehouse.

QC manger will random checking all finished products, if the tolerance is exceed the standard, it will be isolated and scraped. In this way, keep all the defective finished products away from the warehouse.

5)Quality tracebility

We have the tracebility no.with 14 digits on the bottom of each outer cartons.It is respectively represent production date,machine no. operator no.,and stamped QA no.When quality issue happened, we can trace this bag with the tracebility no.

6)The testing rul of testing room

A.The original sample quality testing from customer.

B.Counter samples testing.

C.Main material changed sample testing.

D.Process technique changed, sample testing

E.Regular testing

All above Testing the film dart impact, tear resistance,tensile strength and bottom seal strength at least one time each shift. Making the data to compare with qualified standard and feedback to the QC and production department in time.